The Spiritual Bath Love Spell

The Spiritual Bath Love Spell is a basic spell that doesn’t require any exotic ingredient. This spell enhances your sexual appeal and attracts your love towards you. If you have someone special in your mind, keep your focus on him during the entire ritual of the spell. For this spell, clean your bathroom thoroughly. Cover the mirrors with white or pink sheets or towels. Draw a bath and add some sea salts or other bath salts to the bath. While you are drawing the bath chant ‘Negativity is washed away. I am renewed as of today. Many heads will turn my way, the ones I chose will wish to stay.
Place three white floating candles in the bathroom. When you are ready to take a bath, relax and focus. Think how sensual the setting is and how beautiful you are. Think about all the things you like about yourself. And then think about the person you are casting the spell for. If you want someone who makes you feel safe, a soulmate, call his names 3 times while saying all you wish him to do. Relax and clean yourself. When you are done bathing, chant the same verses that you did before entering the bath and in the end add ‘I am blessed, I am loving, I am loved and love myself. I am love.’ You can also add any other element that feels right to you. Your spell is complete.


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