Revenge Spell To Cheaters And Enemies
Revenge Spell To Cheaters And Enemies

The cheater revenge spell

This spell is meant to punish someone you once loved but ended up betraying your trust and love altogether. You will require their photo, a bottle, four sharp objects, and Black Candles.

The spell to punish an enemy

If you want to hurt someone in the name of revenge, you can never run out of spells to use on them. First and foremost, you will be required to get your hands on 9 nails, Athame, a black bowl, a photo of the person, a lemon, a black candle and cursing oil.

In order to use a spell to punish someone you hate or someone who has wronged you, you’ll be required to learn about the rituals. All spells are energy based and you, therefore, need to fully understand the kind of energy that you are about to send into the universe. Fill the form below to contact me.

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